Shhh, I’m packing books

my cozy den

As I mentioned earlier, we’re moving. Today, I’m packing books. “Can’t you get rid of some of those books?” my husband asks, not for the first time. He doesn’t know that when I move into my new den, I plan to buy more books. Shhh!

“Let’s make a deal,” I say. “You get rid of half of your fishing equipment and I’ll get rid of half my books.” His tents, sleeping bags and assorted camping stuff fill several shelves downstairs. My book cases neatly line one wall of my study. He walks away.

I’m labeling my boxes by shelf so they’ll unpack in the same order. No one knows this yet but I plan to have wall-to-wall shelves built in my new place. It’s best not to bring this up right now. Shhh!

My husband convinced me to purge my books a few years ago. I thought he might have a point so I did. Just last weekend I met a woman who said she’d picked up a book that had belonged to me from a used book table. It was on the Holy Spirit. “You’d made quite a few notes in it so I thought it must be good.” While I contemplated asking her to return the book, she said she’d passed it on to someone else after reading it.

I don’t coddle my books. Coffee stains, flip-downed pages and post-it notes identify them as mine. Underlines and handwritten notes are precious to me. I seldom part with a book unless it’s fiction, and even then, I don’t part with my favorite mystery novels.

I’m a bit worried about packing my books. We’re not moving for 2 weeks and it could be that I’ll need a quote from one or two before then.

If you drop gold and books, pick up the books first, then the gold. – Anonymous

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An award winning personal experience writer, Rose McCormick Brandon is a frequent contributor to faith magazines, devotionals and compilations, including Chicken Soup for the Soul. Rose is the author of Promises of Home: Stories of Canada's British Home Children (2014). One Good Word Makes all the Difference (2013), He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me (2012) and Vanished: What Happened to My Son. She's a frequent contributor to The Testimony, Today's Pentecostal Evangel and other faith magazines in Canada, U.S. and Australia. Rose also writes about Canadian history, specifically the era of Child Immigration from Britain. Read her stories of child immigrants at:
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4 Responses to Shhh, I’m packing books

  1. Melody Brandon-Rooth says:

    Perhaps the book fetish is hereditary. I too have a wall line with books and many still in boxes waiting for our next, hopefully larger, home. I can’t possibly part with them as they become a part of who you were and, hence, who you’ve become. If you have more bookshelves in your new home maybe I’ll move some of mine over there….my shelves are full!

  2. Rose you are so right about the books. If we had a fire, I would grab my Bible(s!) with notes in margins first.
    Our senior pastor moved to another church this week. Because he did a thorough clean out/up, that encouraged everyone else in the office to do so too.
    And then they packed all their tired and doubles of books and sent them off with his stuff. He won’t know till he goes to unpack!
    Surprised? Maybe, but surely loving to own more books!
    Brenda Wood

    • It’s so intrestering that you should mention Bibles – I had 2 lines at the bottom of this post about my Bibles. Then I realized there’s so much to say, I’ll have to make it another post. So good tohear from you.

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