Nikki Rosen’s book, a must-read

I think many of you will be interested in meeting one of my new writing friends. Last night I attended a Writer’s Group in Burlington hosted by Nikki Rosen. Nikki introduces herself as “a Jew who found faith.” But, there’s much more to Nikki than her Jewish roots.

In her award winning book, In The Eye of Deception, Nikki tells of her recovery from a life of confusion and abuse. In her search for meaningful relationships, Nikki thought she’d found the answer when she joined a cult. But the cult led to more abuse and a deeper darkness. Nikki ended up alone, living on the streets.

Nikki Rosen’s message is simple. “Nothing is impossible to overcome. Not drugs. Not self-harm. Not an eating disorder. Nothing.” She’s living proof that Jesus is still in the business of changing lives.

People in many countries are logging onto Nikki’s website and buying her book. Nikki’s goal is simple: to let others know that no darkness, no matter how oppressive, is greater than God’s power.

Today, Nikki works as a hospital social worker. If you met her, you wouldn’t guess the depths of her painful past. Her story restores hope to the hopeless.

Jesus said it long ago and it’s still true today – “Nothing is Impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


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  1. thanks so much Rose….You’re the best!!!

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