Life isn’t Perfect Yet

When suffering comes we often assume we’ve done something to upset God and we’re being punished for it. This myth is perpetuated by a teaching that goes something like this – give your life totally to Christ and you’ll have it altogether all the time.

This leads to a false conclusion – if I don’t have it altogether, I must’ve done something wrong.

No one has it altogether all the time. Who can get through 24 hours without doing, saying or thinking something they shouldn’t? I can’t and I doubt anyone else can.

“Sadly, churches tend to reward those who can create the illusion of having it all together by holding them up as examples of what a Christian should be, while actually, in some cases, such people may be less spiritual than those whose integrity compels them not to deny their struggles.” – Selwyn Hughes

Perpetuating the myth that life can perfect for Christians on earth causes many to give up following Jesus because they’re not  “good at it.” God does perform miracles for people. He does transform lives. But for most, some issues remain unresolved.

It’s normal for Christians to struggle with the same problems everyone else does. It doesn’t mean we’ve disappointed God, it just means we’re human.

The world is tired of perfect face of Christianity


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2 Responses to Life isn’t Perfect Yet

  1. vanyieck says:

    How often we forget that we are partners in God’s ministry on earth. It’s true that Christ gives deeper meaning to life, but it’s also true that as fellow disciples we are responsible to love and encourage each other. No believer should suffer from loneliness because of the fellowship they share with other believers. In other words, no believer should be left behind. Unfortunately, the ideal is not the reality.

    • So well put. We strive for the ideal but in some aspects of life we won’t experience the ideal. I think it’s spiritually healthier to accept this fact than agonize over life’s imperfections. I say this, yet I’m one who agonizes for perfection.

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