Nothing Against Anybody – A Free Way to Live

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A woman peaked through the doorway into my office. “I’ve been walking past this church for  months. I thought I’d stop in and see what goes on here.”

That was my introduction to Alice. I took her on a tour of the building, answered some of her questions and invited her to attend a Sunday service. “I don’t think I’m ready for that,” she said, “do you have any meetings with just a few people?”

I told Alice about our womens’ noon hour prayer meetings on Wednesdays. “You can come with me,” I said.

The next week Alice showed up. For weeks, she arrived quietly, didn’t say much. When 1 o’clock came she left. Months passed. Alice’s awkwardness with the group diminished. She started keeping a diary of our prayer requests and sharing hers with us. She always wanted to know, “Has anyone had an answer to prayer? If we’re asking God for stuff there should be answers right?”

One day during our conversation before prayer (which always went on longer than we intended), Alice blurted out. “When I was walking across the parking lot today, I was

fallen trees rest under a blanket of white

thinking how much I’ve changed since I started to believe in Jesus. Then it dawned on me, I don’t have anything against anybody, nobody. This is the first time in my life since I was a kid that I can say that.”

Nothing against anybody. What a free way to live. Alice admitted to us that she had held many grudges, some of them valid. “I didn’t realize until today that they’re all gone. I’m thinking about this one and that one and I’m not mad at any of them any more.”

The miracle of a grudge-free life. That’s a life lesson I learned that from Alice.

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