Finding God’s Plan for Your Life

After crossing the lake from Galilee, Jesus came face to face with a man who was troubled by so many demons that he ran naked through tombs and graves cutting himself with stones. Jesus ordered the demons to leave the man. They did. And his sanity returned.

People marvelled that the man they had feared now sat fully clothed and engaged in sensible conversation.

When Jesus prepared to leave the area, the former madman begged to go along. I would’ve taken him but Jesus had something better in mind. “Go home to your own people,” He said, “tell them your story and how God has had mercy on you.”

The man went to the people who knew him best and told them about his amazing deliverance. The change in him shocked them and many believed in Jesus because of his testimony.

Corrie ten Boom wrote, “God does not want us ever to be in doubt about what His guidance is.”

Going home was God’s guidance for this man.

Often it’s not the thing that most excites us – like hopping in a boat and going with Jesus – but the thing that’s most advantageous for the gospel that is His will for us.

After a year in a concentration camp, where she lost her father, sister and brother, Corrie ten Boom never wanted to set foot on German soil again. That decision seemed right to her. Until God distinctly said, “Go to Germany.” The people needed her message and she accomplished much good there.

Making it Personal: Lord, help me to prefer your will over mine. Guide me as clearly as you guided Corrie ten Boom and the demon-delivered man. I want to leave the darkness of disobedience and walk in the light of submission to You.

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An award winning personal experience writer, Rose McCormick Brandon is a frequent contributor to faith magazines, devotionals and compilations, including Chicken Soup for the Soul. Rose is the author of Promises of Home: Stories of Canada's British Home Children (2014). One Good Word Makes all the Difference (2013), He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me (2012) and Vanished: What Happened to My Son. She's a frequent contributor to The Testimony, Today's Pentecostal Evangel and other faith magazines in Canada, U.S. and Australia. Rose also writes about Canadian history, specifically the era of Child Immigration from Britain. Read her stories of child immigrants at:
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  1. Tresa says:

    I love this story of a man who seemed to be in a hopeless situation. Yet Jesus freed him and gave him new hope! I’m thankful for His guidance.

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