The Basic and Best of Prayers: “God Help Me!”

“God help me!” The most common of prayers is expressed in these three words.

Eugene Peterson wrote, “Prayer is the language of people who are in trouble and know it.”

man in anguishTrouble comes to everyone – sometimes it sneaks up quietly and takes us by the throat. Other times, it marches into our lives in brazen battalions. However it comes, trouble always reduces our prayers to a primitive cry to God for help.

Somewhere in the core of our beings, we all know that God exists. We have a built-in hope, however small it may be at times, that He will hear us and that He’ll get us out of our present trouble.

To cry to God for help is the very best thing that anyone in trouble can do.woman praying 2

In Matthew 15, there’s a story of a Canaanite woman who lived near Tyre and Sidon. When she heard that Jesus was near her town, she ran into the crowd and begged him to heal her daughter of a fatal affliction. She screamed and shouted until the disciples complained that she was causing a disturbance.

Undeterred, she pushed her way through the crowd and threw herself at Jesus’ feet. “Master, help me,” she cried.

Jesus noticed her determination and felt her pain. He said,  “Oh, woman, your faith is something else. What you want is what you will get!” Right then her daughter became well.

The prayer, “God help me!” shows that the person saying these words has faith. No one calls on God unless they have an inkling that He exists.

person prayingSo, call on God in the day of trouble. And never stop calling on Him until the answer comes. However small your faith may be, He will hear you.

David wrote, “I cried to Him and He answered me. And delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

Don’t worry about praying intelligent prayers. Who can form eloquent words when trouble stands at the door? And who requires eloquent words? Not God.

“God help me!” These three words have echoed down the centuries . . . from the mouths of the righteous, the wronged, the sick, the unemployed, the burdened, the broken, the heathen, the holy, the desperate, the dumb . . .and God has heard every one of them.

Heaven will be populated by people who have uttered these three words.


Rose McCormick’s book, One Good Word Makes all the Difference, is available at her website, Writing from the Heart.


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  1. Diana says:

    Yes it’s the most elemental prayer and often the deepest. I can pray to our understanding God, Lord help my unbelief.

  2. A beautifully encouraging and clear message about heaven’s commitment to those who call on God out of a humble and sincere heart. Thanks Rose. ~~+~~

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