The Miracle Snowplow

Some years ago, I had a brilliant idea – collect personal stories from church members and put them in a book that could be added to and kept for decades. I still like my idea but writing is hard work and few in the church felt motivated for the task. A few turned in stories but not enough to make the project work. I kept the stories, filed them and this week as I’m continuing to clean out my office – what a task that is! – I found them. What beautiful heart-warming stories. It doesn’t seem right that I’m the only one to read them. This one is written by Ilse Jancke, a woman of robust faith, known for her jolly personality. Ilse went to be with Jesus on August 11, 2011. This is her story:

Ilse Jancke

Ilse Jancke

My husband, Max, had just been released from the hospital under strict orders to remain calm and avoid any stressful situations. The following morning, we had a storm and a large amount of snow fell. My sons who usually took care of plowing the yard and our one commercial property, had all been called out to other plowing jobs. My daughter and I decided to take on the job. Upon finishing the first property, we arrived home to clear our driveway, which it is very necessary to keep plowed, as it is a public store entrance. As the blade dropped for the first sweep, the transmission died. So much for no stress!

My husband immediately stepped out of the store, a worried look on his face. I raced in and began to do the only thing I knew would help – I laid my dilemma at Jesus’ feet. I paced back and forth praising the Lord in a loud voice, so loud that at times I would see my husband turn and look back at the house wondering what was going on. I continued to praise the Lord over this situation until about fifteen minutes later a family friend happened to pass by and stopped. He was on his way further down the road to plow snow. He opened both entrances to the store driveway and had the broken-down plow removed from the snow bank.

I paced and praised more, using an even louder voice. My husband might have thought I’d gone mad had he entered then. “Dear God,” I prayed, “we need a tow truck to take the plow to the transmission shop.” What a storm! How would God send me a tow truck in such a big storm? They would all be in use.

As I continued to praise, a neighbour happened to arrive home for lunch. You guessed it! The Lord had this man tow the plow to the transmission shop. This all took place within half an hour. What a mighty God!!

But, have a transmission fixed quickly and cheaply? I really prayed about this. By seven o’clock that night the miracle plow was sitting in the yard with a new transmission, ready to go to work. The bill that arrived with it read – “Paid in full.”

Ilse faced many challenges during her life yet she always praised God. She believed and lived I Thessalonians 5:18 “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” Many times she encouraged me. I hope this little story from her will encourage you today. – Rose McCormick Brandon



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  1. Connie Falk says:

    Just a sweet reminder that there is nothing to big for our Loving Lord to handle. I write this , mainly for me to realize it. Thank you for these wonderful words of encouragement,

  2. Lauri Hawley says:

    Thank you for sharing Ilse’s story with us! Nothing is impossible with God!

  3. Miriam Laari-Alton says:

    What an encouraging story Rose. I remember Ilse & she lived her faith every day.

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