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cover One Good Word 2One Good Word Makes all the Difference

A good word at the right time, whether spoken or written, gives hope to the discouraged and comfort to the broken-hearted. Good words inspire us to follow in the footsteps of God and give us courage to remain faithful to Him. They heal our wounds and warm our souls. Long after we’ve forgotten the source of encouraging words, their influence remains because good words make themselves at home in our hearts for a lifetime.

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book coverA band of child pilgrims in mass exodus, numbering 100,000, spanning seven decades (1869-1939), arrived in Canada.  Like seed, they were scattered from Atlantic to Pacific, not in handfuls as would have been appropriate for children, but in singles, one here, another there. Hampered by the derogatory label, Home Child, severed from their familial connections, against the odds, they took root and became grounded and sturdy enough to change the landscape of our young Dominion.  It’s time to cry over the abuses they suffered, to applaud their successes and to say, as a nation, “thank you.”


Promises of Home is a collection of 32 Home Child stories.

Praise for Promises of Home

Rose McCormick Brandon has given our British Home Children a voice. Her book will go a long way at unlocking some important untold stories. Jim Brownell, Former MPP, responsible for The British Home Child Day Act in Ontario.

“I have really enjoyed this book. I think it’s wonderful how many positive stories there are in it about the Home children and their experiences.” Ivy Sucee, Founder and President of the Hazelbrae Barnardo Home Memorial Group.

Through books such as Promises of Home all citizens have the opportunity to know about the boys and girls and the contributions they made to Canada in peace and in war.  John A.G. Sayers, British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa

Promises of Home takes readers on a colourful journey into the lives of the British Home Children who helped build and shape Canada. Phil McColeman, Member of Parliament, Brant


Also available at Bryan Prince Bookstore 1060 King Street W., Hamilton

Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy. Toronto

Millennia Books, 323 10th Street, Hanover, Ontario



he loves me not

Sandra Nunn’s marriage to the romantic, handsome boy across the street got off to a good start. Her husband Ernie enrolled in seminary and planned for a career in ministry. “Years of wedded bliss, like rose petals, scented the road of us,” Sandra says. “At least, that’s what I thought.” A disagreement broke out in their church. Ernie ended up in the middle of it. Hurt and disillusioned, Sandra’s husband sank into a pit of despair. He turned against his God, his church and his wife. Thirty-seven years passed. Then God visited Ernie and transformed him. Sandra’s story, told honestly and straight from her heart, lets readers know that no problem is too big for God. “I want people to know that Jesus is still working miracles. I know because He did it for me.” Published November 2012 (available here)

F118_05[1]On a hot August Saturday, Shirley Brown’s life
changed forever. Her 12 year-old son Robbie went
to deliver newspapers in their neighborhood. The
papers were never delivered and Robbie hasn’t been seen
In Vanished, Rose McCormick Brandon writes Shirley Brown’s account of the many challenges and frustrations she and her family have faced since Robbie’s mysterious disappearance. In the days that followed, several sightings were reported. Over the years, bodies have been discovered that were believed to be Robbie. With each false lead, Shirley and her family are reminded that their ordeal is not over yet.
If you have lost a child, regardless of the circumstances, this book will provide wisdom and courage.

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