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Healing for Broken Hearts

Many Christians suffer from recurring memories of a sinful or hurtful act, either committed by them or against them. No one gets through life without some heartbreaking loss, rejection or sin. Freedom from these things often happens when, or soon … Continue reading

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Spiritual Burn-out

Christians are likely suffering from spiritual burn-out if: We’re on compassion over-load, meaning our store of empathy has been used up. There isn’t room in our hearts for one more needy person. We feel overwhelmed by evil and have no desire … Continue reading

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Ernie and Sandra Nunn: In love again

Sandra Nunn had grown to despise her husband, Ernie, and had given up any hope of reconciling with him. The couple lived in the same house in separate rooms, each refusing to leave. Their love for each other started to die … Continue reading

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The Quiet Ways of Jesus

Crowds followed Jesus wherever He went. Some loved the way He spoke, with authority but without shattering their ear drums. He didn’t demand attention. He didn’t insult or bully people into listening to Him. Jesus’ listeners heard something in His … Continue reading

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Forgiving Miss White

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 The moment I laid eyes on Miss White I suspected I’d made a mistake. After graduation from Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario, I accepted an invitation to assist the female pastor of a church in an isolated fishing village on … Continue reading

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God Heals Broken Hearts

People find many ways to cope with brokenness. Addictions, living in a fantasy world and denial are common coping strategies. Is there anyone who hasn’t used some form of numbing themselves? Endless hours watching television, getting lost in books – … Continue reading

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Rhythm of Rest

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One of the first things I do when I get to the cottage is remove my watch. The minute I walk through the door, time becomes unimportant. We eat when we’re hungry, read till we fall asleep. We sit on … Continue reading

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A Double Life: Holy on Sundays and an Alcoholic on Week Days

Here’s a story from Nancy McKay, a woman who would’ve been a dancing and shouting participant in that first palm-waving celebration. Read her story and find out what makes Nancy a joyful woman. Continue reading

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What Story is God Writing in Your Life?

God is writing a story in each life. A story of Grace. Grace overlooks our faults, takes pity on our sufferings, reaches into the darkness and rescues us. Grace hugs the unhuggable. Grace sees the inside and doesn’t judge the outside. Each of our small stories has a special place in His big story. Each one is important. Continue reading

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Joan Sepp Refused to be Identified by her Losses

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Joan says, “I’m living proof that even after tragedy, life still has purpose and meaning. People need to know that.”
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