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Living in the Present Tense

Someday everything will come together; all the stray ends of our imperfect lives will be gathered and tied into an elegant bow. So we wait . . . for perfection, for health, for money. We defer joy. A woman once … Continue reading

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Fear Keeps People in Boxes

E. Stanley Jones makes the point that Christians are people of the long view. By long view, he means that we plan not only how to live today, but tomorrow and for eternity. Our big enemy in long-view planning is … Continue reading

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Developing Tough Faith

Tough faith loves God when it can’t make a list of how He blessed me today. Tough faith believes in spite of unanswered prayer. Tough faith trusts when the evidence is stacked against it. Continue reading

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Yes, God Really Loves You

At a point in my life when it seemed that my challenges stacked themselves one on top of the other, I struggled to find answers. Had God tired of me? If he had, why? What had I done to offend … Continue reading

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Faithful to the Prodigal

Church services became repugnant. When I stopped attending, I felt relieved of a heavy duty. I stayed in touch with some believing friends but kept clear of the “tsk-tsk what a shame she used to be such a fine Christian” crowd Continue reading

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Can a Doggie Chase be a God Moment?

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It happened on a winter Monday, my day off.  Carson was eating breakfast before getting dressed and running off to school. Everyone else had left the house. I poured a cup of tea and joined him at the table. The tea … Continue reading

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It’s okay to say NO – even in church

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Many sermons manage in one way or another to relay the subtle (sometimes not so subtle) message that the people in the pew simply aren’t doing enough and anyone who is doing enough isn’t doing it well enough. These types … Continue reading

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No One Should be Invisible

A man dropped in to read my articles on Joan Sepp. His reason for visiting was the recent death of Joan’s husband, Toivo. (Joan passed away a few years ago.) He wrote this – I had a hard childhood and … Continue reading

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Weird and Wonderful You

Understanding who we are is important. It helps us to accept things about ourselves that we can’t change. The Lord loves weird and wonderful you. Be yourself for His glory!
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Remembering Where we Came From

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As I traveled along doing my own thing I didn’t know He was right at my heels. It wasn’t until I turned around and saw Him that I knew we’re never more than an arm’s breadth away from Him, always within His reach. Here’s my story as I wrote it a few years ago.
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