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Boots Squeaking on Snow

In the middle of the night we’d awake to the sound of his gasps for air. We’d bundle him into a snow suit and carry him outside. While the rest of the street slept, we took turns pacing; back and forth; our steps squeaked on the front porch. Continue reading

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Treasures in the Snow

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Gliding on the groomed trail, our skis squeaking on the snow, under the stars on a clear and very cold night, we were caught in a Christmas card moment. Pine trees trimmed with white bordered the trail. Their branches sweeping … Continue reading

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Trusting God is Like Learning to Float on Water

Isn’t it a miracle that something as squishy as water can float, not only human bodies, but ships as large as sky-scrapers? In nature, God teaches us about Himself Continue reading

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Let this Spring be your First

We grow out of many things in life but we should never grow out of that baby stage of wonder. Open the windows of your home and let the scents of Spring thrill you again. Let this Spring be as marvellous as your first. Continue reading

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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Something I’d been praying for for a long time had looked like it was coming to pass and then, it fell apart again. I went to bed discouraged and woke up with a headache. In the morning, I laid on … Continue reading

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A Hiding Place

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 Mother goose nestled in a grassy slope by the rocky shore watching while her babies explored their new world. When her goslings tired of adventure they waddled over and disappeared one by one under her wings. Snuggled in the warmth … Continue reading

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Silence Please

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Noise permeates. It jangles the nerves and interrupts brain waves. For quiet and peace we crave, where songbirds, leaves rustling in the wind, fill the emptiness around us. A baby’s laugh, and other delicious sounds, too often drowned by modern … Continue reading

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Deep Breathing for the Soul

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A large white cross stands on a hill, our indication to turn right onto a gravel road. Dust clouds billow behind us. After a few miles, we turn left onto Jerusalem Road and drive by cows at pasture. Glimpses of … Continue reading

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Bev Friesen, an Inspiring Woman who Knows About Change

Rain. Lower temperatures. Shorter days. Trees shedding leaves. Rose petals turning brown. I’m not ready for change. But ready or not, change is coming. Today, I share a story about a friend who can teach us a lot about change … Continue reading

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Guiding Lights

 Near the end of a sizzling summer day, my husband I launched our boat into a nearby bay. We anchored in a narrow strip between two rocky islands where we could count on a cool breeze and a pickerel or … Continue reading

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