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Fear Keeps People in Boxes

E. Stanley Jones makes the point that Christians are people of the long view. By long view, he means that we plan not only how to live today, but tomorrow and for eternity. Our big enemy in long-view planning is … Continue reading

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Words with Holy Zing

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The rhythm formed by a writer’s unique way of stringing phrases and sentences together becomes their voice. This voice becomes the author’s trademark. Take Irish writer, Frank McCourt, (Angela’s Ashes, Teacher Man, ‘Tis) as an example. It wasn’t unusual for McCourt … Continue reading

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The Baby Stage of Wonder

One sunny June morning, I placed my helmeted two year-old son, Peter, on the child’s seat of my bike and we took off from the driveway for an hour joy ride. As we cycled through the neighbourhood, a warm breeze tickled … Continue reading

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Boots Squeaking on Snow

In the middle of the night we’d awake to the sound of his gasps for air. We’d bundle him into a snow suit and carry him outside. While the rest of the street slept, we took turns pacing; back and forth; our steps squeaked on the front porch. Continue reading

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How my Father Found Faith

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This story has  been published in several magazines and it remains a favorite because it illustrates how the Father embraces people, any time, any place, at any age. Nothing is an obstacle to him, not even debilitating illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. LATE … Continue reading

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God Talks to Ordinary People

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God spoke to an ordinary teenager named Mary. (Contrary to paintings, she didn’t have a permanent halo.) What a surprising message He had for her. “You will become pregnant and give birth to a son and you will call him Jesus.” … Continue reading

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Praise: Always in Season

Oh, that everyone would praise the Lord for his loving-kindness, and for all of his wonderful deeds. Psalm 107:8 Are you struggling today with difficult circumstances? Have you been praying yourself sick over a matter that never seems to get better? … Continue reading

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Brian Welch – Redeemed Rocker

Personal stories have impact. I heard one yesterday . . . visible flesh scrolled with tattoos, hair hanging in beaded strings, a man leaned his thin body into the camera and described his descent into a drug-induced hell. A slave to drugs, alcohol … Continue reading

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Why Pray?

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One day while in prayer, the Lord gave me this message: When you fly to Los Angeles, be mindful of the person sitting beside you. She has been searching for me and she is ready to receive me. A few … Continue reading

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Go Forward on Your Knees

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Missionaries Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth arrived in China in March 1888. Their assignment to open a new field in the northern section of Honan province was a daunting one. The young couple struggled to learn the language, adjust to the climate … Continue reading

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