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Healing for Broken Hearts

Many Christians suffer from recurring memories of a sinful or hurtful act, either committed by them or against them. No one gets through life without some heartbreaking loss, rejection or sin. Freedom from these things often happens when, or soon … Continue reading

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A Grudge-free Life

A woman peeked through the doorway into my office. “I’ve been walking past this church for  months. I thought I’d stop in and see what goes on in here.” That was my introduction to Alice. I took her on a … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Come Home to God

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Jesus told two stories that tell everything we need to know about finding our way back to the Father. The Lost Sheep. People complained that Jesus spent too much time with sinners. To help them understand why he told the story of the … Continue reading

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The Problem of Guilt

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Sometimes we disappoint – bad behavior, unkind attitudes, unintentional missteps or outright sin – we slip up and our actions give others cause to say, “Huh. She’s not much of a Christian!” We’ve all been there. Some are gifted with the ability to shake off … Continue reading

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When Prayer Comes Hard

Often when a Christian expresses a need that deeply troubles them, another believer will say something like, “Just prayer about,” or “Just trust God.” It happens too when a person has been violated, lied about or hurt by the actions of another … Continue reading

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“If Only” – Words of Regret

Those “if-onlies” are like locusts that destroy the crops just before harvest time. Continue reading

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Ernie and Sandra Nunn: In love again

Sandra Nunn had grown to despise her husband, Ernie, and had given up any hope of reconciling with him. The couple lived in the same house in separate rooms, each refusing to leave. Their love for each other started to die … Continue reading

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Forgiving Miss White

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 The moment I laid eyes on Miss White I suspected I’d made a mistake. After graduation from Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario, I accepted an invitation to assist the female pastor of a church in an isolated fishing village on … Continue reading

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The Lord is With You

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He was a gifted and handsome teenager, favoured by his wealthy father, his future bright. Of his eleven brothers, ten hated him. Enough to kill him. His oldest brother tried to save him, but in the end the boy who … Continue reading

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2014: A Year of Forgiving Others

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Our ability to love God and people increases when we remember that Christ’s love for us is unconditional. God’s love fills our hearts and we find ourselves loving with the same unconditional love. Continue reading

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