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A Radical Makeover

The talk show host introduced his next guest. A star I hadn’t seen for several years bounced from behind the curtain.  “Is that really her?” I wondered, searching the perfect face for familiar characteristics. Modern surgical techniques had eliminated the … Continue reading

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An Interview with Dr. George O. Wood (Hope for the Depressed)

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An interview with Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God by Rose McCormick Brandon Depression, a mood disorder that affects millions of North Americans is now the leading cause of disability, according to the World Health … Continue reading

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Our Very Own God

“He is ours to trust, ours to love, ours to run to in every dark and troublesome night, ours to commune with on every bright and sunny day, ours to be our guide in life. He is our help in death and our glory in immortality.” Continue reading

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The Quiet Ways of Jesus

Crowds followed Jesus wherever He went. Some loved the way He spoke, with authority but without shattering their ear drums. He didn’t demand attention. He didn’t insult or bully people into listening to Him. Jesus’ listeners heard something in His … Continue reading

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God Heals Broken Hearts

People find many ways to cope with brokenness. Addictions, living in a fantasy world and denial are common coping strategies. Is there anyone who hasn’t used some form of numbing themselves? Endless hours watching television, getting lost in books – … Continue reading

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Julia Loewen – “God Gave me a New Song”

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Because the abuse happened in a church setting, I didn’t realize his actions offended God. I felt expendable, made to be used. I tried to tell my mother but too weak to care, she pushed me away. I discovered years later that my father knew about the abuse and ignored it. The trauma of being used by a man who appeared “godly” affected my whole life, led to promiscuity and the constant fear of pregnancy. Continue reading

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What Story is God Writing in Your Life?

God is writing a story in each life. A story of Grace. Grace overlooks our faults, takes pity on our sufferings, reaches into the darkness and rescues us. Grace hugs the unhuggable. Grace sees the inside and doesn’t judge the outside. Each of our small stories has a special place in His big story. Each one is important. Continue reading

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Sometimes it Takes a Miracle

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Our discussion turned to Dave’s health. A year ago, he went through surgery and chemotherapy. Six months later, the doctor declared his kidney healthy. Dave said, “A guy asked me if I was in a five-year remission? I told him … Continue reading

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Silence Please

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Noise permeates. It jangles the nerves and interrupts brain waves. For quiet and peace we crave, where songbirds, leaves rustling in the wind, fill the emptiness around us. A baby’s laugh, and other delicious sounds, too often drowned by modern … Continue reading

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Being Misunderstood Hurts

Being misunderstood is a painful experience. Sometimes when we try to explain our true motives and make peace with the misunderstander we end up making the situation worse. Often the situation is such that we can’t say or do anything. … Continue reading

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