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A Lesson from Alice Hertz Sommer

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She didn’t want her son to worry or be afraid so every day she chose to find good things they could enjoy. Most of the time she was the only one laughing. Continue reading

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A Forever Point of View

He shall reign forever and ever (for the eternities of the eternities). Revelation 11:15(b) AMP Eternity. How easy it is to get lost in the here and now and forget about eternity, the forever and ever, that waits in the … Continue reading

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A Radical Makeover

The talk show host introduced his next guest. A star I hadn’t seen for several years bounced from behind the curtain.  “Is that really her?” I wondered, searching the perfect face for familiar characteristics. Modern surgical techniques had eliminated the … Continue reading

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Keep Praying for your Family

It almost always happens that God, by means of one of a household, draws the rest to himself. He calls an individual, and then uses him to be a sort of spiritual decoy to bring the rest of the family into the gospel net. Charles Spurgeon Continue reading

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“A hardworking, hungry man cannot live on whipped cream. He must have something solid to nourish him. In the same way, a person who is being tried by hard times, must have a gospel that is true, and he must believe that it is true.” C. H. Spurgeon Continue reading

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Pain Produces the Most Inspiring Stories

This week my friend, author Nikki Rosen, came to visit my class, Writing Your God Story. It’s a small group that meets on Wednesday nights at my church. On the first evening I met with this group, I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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A Hiding Place

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 Mother goose nestled in a grassy slope by the rocky shore watching while her babies explored their new world. When her goslings tired of adventure they waddled over and disappeared one by one under her wings. Snuggled in the warmth … Continue reading

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