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Keep on Praying

One Jesus-follower can affect the spiritual destiny of family members for many generations. How? Through their testimony and through prayer.  Sometimes it’s not possible to share our personal God stories but prayer is always possible. Here are some scriptures we … Continue reading

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Receive God’s Peace

After a bad day, a nine year-old boy decided to leave home. Before he struck off down the road he wrote a sad little letter on a ragged scrap of paper. He asked that someone take care of his beloved hamster George. Rambling around the paper’s edge, … Continue reading

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Confrontation can be a Spiritual Experience

It’s often a bad idea to work for the church you attend. But that’s what I did for 13 years. Without giving details about numerous negative experiences, I’ll just say that I had a naive way of handling disagreeable, rude, … Continue reading

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Fear is Costly

E. Stanley Jones makes the point that Christians are people of the long view. By long view, he means that we plan not only how to live today, but tomorrow and for eternity. Our big enemy in long-view planning is … Continue reading

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Burning Words

The rhythm formed by a writer’s unique way of stringing phrases and sentences together becomes their voice. This voice becomes the author’s trademark. Take Irish writer, Frank McCourt, (Angela’s Ashes, Teacher Man, ‘Tis) as an example. It wasn’t unusual for McCourt … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Christmas Message

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With the many references at Christmas to Jesus’ arrival as the Babe in the manger, let’s remember why He came. From his jail cell, the apostle Paul carefully crafted a life-changing message to the Philippians. He didn’t preach a religion, a lifestyle … Continue reading

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What is God Like?

One day, a ragged drifter blistered by the sun, barefoot and bloody staggered into the city center. His father, the CEO of a successful company, peered out his office window and recognized the staggerer. He  left his desk, took the elevator to the … Continue reading

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God Cares about Little Things

Friday night, bone-aching tired from a busy week, I stood with a throng of travelers at the Greyhound Bus depot. Mom awaited at the other end of my 3-hour journey. She needed help with Dad, in the semi-worst stages of … Continue reading

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