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Guiding Lights

 Near the end of a sizzling summer day, my husband I launched our boat into a nearby bay. We anchored in a narrow strip between two rocky islands where we could count on a cool breeze and a pickerel or … Continue reading

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Forgive Yourself

My friend arrived at the airport early for her flight from Toronto to London. She piled her bags on a cart and headed to a coffee shop for lunch. A woman came up behind her and asked for directions. A … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Gifts Come in Small Packages

On Thursday, the whole town (it seemed like everyone in town showed up) gathered to open the Christmas season. We filed out of our homes, down the streets and along the Grand River to the Old Mill. Choirs sang, Winners … Continue reading

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Our Maple

“A few little maples have sprung up at the back of the yard. I’m going to leave them alone then we can dig them up and take them with us,” my husband said.             We’re moving after 23 years in … Continue reading

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Thistles I awake to a quiet house. It rained all night. Heavy drops drip from the maple outside our bedroom window onto a glass-topped patio table. Our lawns lie in thick carpets from recent rains. Delphiniums have grown tall enough … Continue reading

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Do Houses Swim?

One major glitch remains. Our present house hasn’t sold. We repaired, painted and replaced, placed it on the market. Great house, you won’t have any problem selling it everybody says. But Continue reading

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