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Hosanna – A Word Suited Only to Jesus

Hosanna! A celebration word that exalts God – a high praise word. When “thank-you Lord” and “praise God” seem weak and unsatisfactory, we can dig deep and find that perfect word – Hosanna. The crowds who hailed Jesus as the long-promised Messiah … Continue reading

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Humility and Pride: Two Responses to the Cross

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Humility acknowledges the sufferings of Jesus and accepts that He suffered for us. Pride glosses over His sufferings and refuses to think about them. Humility acknowledges that only the cross erases sin. Pride says, “There are many ways to holiness. I’m not … Continue reading

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Keep Praying for your Family

It almost always happens that God, by means of one of a household, draws the rest to himself. He calls an individual, and then uses him to be a sort of spiritual decoy to bring the rest of the family into the gospel net. Charles Spurgeon Continue reading

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Julia Loewen – “God Gave me a New Song”

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Because the abuse happened in a church setting, I didn’t realize his actions offended God. I felt expendable, made to be used. I tried to tell my mother but too weak to care, she pushed me away. I discovered years later that my father knew about the abuse and ignored it. The trauma of being used by a man who appeared “godly” affected my whole life, led to promiscuity and the constant fear of pregnancy. Continue reading

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