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A Message from my Messy Yard

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We arrived at the cottage a month after our last visit to find the front and back yards overgrown – grass, some of it up to our waists. An abundance of rain in our absence had produced a wild crop. … Continue reading

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You are Worth More than Ten Thousand Birds

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One day Jesus sat on a grassy hillside and talked to thousands of people. As He looked at them He felt pity. He saw into their fretful minds and said: Stop being perpetually uneasy about your life, what you shall eat … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

These three little power-packed words stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been waylaid by summer company which has led to lots of good conversation and family reunions, breakfasts at the local diner and cruising through antique shops. I’m also trying to finish a book of child immigrant stories. And in the back of my mind I’m composing a Bible study on Romans 3 for the end of September. I enjoy all of these things but in the midst of them I sometimes feel I’ve drifted away from God. Then, these words – Continue reading

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When God is Silent

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As I drove home from work, tension gripped the back of my neck and stung my shoulders. I gripped the steering wheel with white-knuckled fingers while an ever-present headache made me nauseous. That night I awoke and worry took control … Continue reading

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How to Overcome Worry

I’m often troubled by worry. Sometimes it wakes me in the night and agitates my mind. I laid out this little plan for overcoming worry for myself. It’s a simple plan, too simple some might say, but it helps me … Continue reading

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