Hosanna – A Word Suited Only to Jesus


A celebration word that exalts God – a high praise word.

When “thank-you Lord” and “praise God” seem weak and unsatisfactory, we can dig deep and find that perfect word – Hosanna.

The crowds who hailed Jesus as the long-promised Messiah and led His procession into Jerusalem one week before the crucifixion shouted that word – Hosanna.

They had watched Him relieve the afflicted of demons and sickness. Their hearts had burned within them as they listened to His teaching. They said, “No man has ever taught like this man.”

Joy overcame them. They spread their cloaks on the ground as a carpet for Him. They sliced branches, laid them on the road to cushion his ride. They danced, sang and shouted,


According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (a book thick enough to stand on to reach a high cupboard), Hosanna is used only six times in the Bible – three times by Matthew, twice by Mark and once by John.

Hosanna is a marvellous word. It stirs the Spirit. It’s a word perfectly suited to Jesus and to no one else. Besides being a praise word, it can also mean “save us,” or “help us.”

Do you need His help? Cry out “Hosanna!”

Is your heart filled with thanks? Shout, “Hosanna!”

man in praiseWhatever your troubles, be encouraged today. Jesus moves continually in the background of history and He moves in the foreground of your life. Those prayers that seemed to have gone unanswered are not forgotten.

“Hosanna in the highest!”

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Prayer for Revival

It is time for you to act, Lord; your law is being broken. Psalm 119:126

If there was ever a need to pray for revival it’s today.

A revival is a time of quickening or impartation of life. As God alone can give life, a revival is a time when God visits His people. By the power of His Spirit, He imparts new life to them. Through them, He imparts life to sinners dead in sins. We have spiritual enthusiasm contrived by the cunning methods and hypnotic influence of the mere professional evangelist. But, these are not revivals and not needed. They are from the devil’s imitations of a revival. New life from God – that is a revival. A general revival is a time when this new life from God is not confined to scattered localities. It is general throughout Christendom and the earth. (1)

The state of the church – prayerlessness, compromise of truths clearly set out in the Bible, greed for wealth, fear of the future, neglect of the Bible, diminishing morals, twisting of scripture, debt. Signs of a decay.

The first indication of revival is prayer – individual, corporate and national. The second is a consciousness of sin amongst Christians. We are surrounded by displays of sin – on television, billboards and in politics – compromise seems easier than battle. But, battling in prayer for the soul of the church and of sinners is the business of believers in Christ. If we don’t do it, no one will.

As individuals, the church, as a nation, we need revival.

“All the mighty people of God have been people of prayer. They have differed from one another in many things, but in this they have been alike.” (R. A. Torrey)

Prayer: Restore us, Lord God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved. Psalm 80:19

(1)    R. A. Torrey, How to Pray, Whitaker House, 1983, 84

Rose McCormick Brandon writes books and articles, teaches Bible studies and writing classes, speaks at churches, libraries, historical societies and museums. Visit her website at: http://writingfromtheheart.webs.com Contact her at: rosembrandon@yahoo.ca

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Fear Keeps People in Boxes

E. Stanley Jones makes the point that Christians are people of the long view. By long view, he means that we plan not only how to live today, but tomorrow and for eternity. Our big enemy in long-view planning is fear.

When I think of times I’ve hung back and not pursued opportunities, I know the reason: fear. Once, a large city church asked me to come on staff. I wanted to. My mind was full of ideas for the position. What stopped me? I feared leaving the comfort of my denomination. I doubted my abilities even though I had years of ministry experience. I should have jumped in with both feet and figured out how to swim later. Fear paralyzed me and, to my regret, I turned down a good opportunity.

I got over being upset with myself about missing out on a good opportunity for service but I learned a lesson that has stuck with me: fear is costly.

Many times I’ve doubted my abilities as a writer, often with good reason, but too much focus on my weaknesses immobilizes me. Fearful writers hide their work in a drawer for others to find when they die. That’s not good enough.

People who trust in God don’t operate in fear. Our mission of spreading the gospel depends on us putting our trust and faith in His abilities and not fearing our own inadequacies. We must live with confidence in God and believe that He has gifted us with both spiritual and natural gifts. Spiritual gifts help us serve Him and minister to others. Natural gifts help us make money to support our families. They bring pleasure to others, they beautify the earth, they provide leadership and keep earth’s machinery running.

Fear kills spiritual and natural gifts. It wrecks long-view plans. It makes us imagine non-existent enemies and causes paranoia. Fear stuffs useful people with useful ideas into small confining boxes where their usefulness is wasted. God hasn’t called Christians to box living. This fact is evident from the New Testament which is brimful of stories of ordinary people who got out of their small boxes and did extraordinary work for God.

Fear is costly, personally and to the Kingdom. Paul wrote these words to Timothy:

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. II Timothy 1:7

Is fear paralyzing you? How would your life be different if you weren’t afraid? Take a deep faith breath, step out of your box and make plans not only for today, but tomorrow and for eternity.

Making it Personal:

Father, I know that fear is costly but I’m finding it difficult to trust in You as I should. Help me to step out of my comfort zone and use both my natural and spiritual gifts as you intended me to. 

Rose McCormick Brandon is the author of One Good Word Makes all the Difference and Promises of Home – Stories of Canada’s British Home Children. Visit her blogs: Listening to my Hair Grow and Promises of Home. To purchase books, visit Writing From the Heart.

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